Don’t Be Hangry! Eat and Sleep

Curated by CLAI

HANGRY AT YOUR SPOUSE: Hangry, which is a combination of the words hungry and angry, may be due to low blood sugar as the underlying cause of hunger-induced crankiness. A study assessed the quality of couples’ relationships by sending each volunteer with a voodoo doll of their spouse, 51 pins, and taught them how to measure their blood sugar. Every night before they went to bed they should stab the doll with pins depending on how angry they were with their spouse. So the more pins they put in the doll, the angrier they were with their spouse.

  • Volunteers who had low levels of blood glucose stuck more pins in the voodoo dolls than those who had high levels of blood glucose. People with the lowest blood sugar levels stuck more than twice as many pins in the voodoo dolls, compared to people with the highest levels.
  • The take-home message would be to make sure you’re not hungry when you talk about important issues with your spouse.


Voodoo Doll of Spouse

Voodoo Doll of Spouse (Credits: Brad Bushman)

SLEEP: We want to sleep more now not because we value sleep more on its own terms, but because we are so fixated on productivity.