HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Chinatowns, Confucian Apologetics and Chinese Facebook

Curated by CLAI

CHINATOWN TRADITIONAL, SUBURBAN, and FABRICATED: The Chinatown brand has come to mean something more than just Chinese. Later this year, “North Carolina Chinatown” is to open near the Raleigh-Durham airport. Even though developers are calling it a Chinatown, their design deliberately encompasses all Asian cultures.

CONFUCIAN APOLOGETICS: I would often start and end my conversations with the word “sorry” — sorry for bothering you, sorry for the bad news, sorry this issue came up, sorry for asking questions.


Sorry (Credits: Julia Yellow)

CHINESE FACEBOOK: Weixin is China’s killer app, a highly addictive social networking tool that allows smartphone users to send messages and share news, photos, videos and web links, much like America’s WhatsApp. Just 3 years after being introduced in China, Weixin has nearly 300 million users — a faster adoption rate than either Facebook or Twitter — giving the app a dominant position in what is now the world’s biggest smartphone market.

KOREAN ELDERS: Over the past 15 years, the percentage of children who think they should look after their parents has shrunk from 90% to 37%, according to government polls.