Eating Fancy and Shedding Calories

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SUPPER CLUB: Enjoy a fancy homemade meal at a stranger’s home. Airnb for hungry people? Check out Eat With, Side Tour, and VoulezVous Diner.

Dinner in Istanbul, Turkey

Dinner in Istanbul, Turkey

Cash Or Credit? How kids pay for school lunch matters for health. Those who use debit cards seem to make more unhealthful eating choices. Kids are much, much, much more likely to take desserts and are much less likely to take fruits and vegetables when they use their debit cards. In contrast to cash, kids not only buy a lot more fruit but they also buy a lot less dessert. Reminds me of my freshman 15 way backā€¦

SUGAR: For sweet tooths who want fewer calories, 30% of NYTIMES readers use stevia, 17% use less sugar, 12% a splash of maple syrup, grapce juice, or citrus into seltzer.