2 Infographics: Most Common Birthdays & Cultural Differences

Curated by CLAI

Which Birth Dates Are Most Common in the US? July, August, September, and into October are the most popular. On July 4th and 5th there’s a sudden drop-off in people being born, presumably because it’s around the holidays — you can see the same thing around the Christmas holidays. But then if you look over at February 14th there’s a dark island where a lot of babies are being born.

Birthday Infographic

Birthday Infographic (Best American Infographics, Gareth Cook)

MAP OF CULTURE DIFFERENCES: Americans, world-famous for candor and directness, struggle when it comes to giving tough feedback, even when it’s needed. The French, on the other hand, who are famous for their insistence on good manners (just feel the vibe when you forget to say bonjour to your boulanger), revel in their harsh critiques.

Map of Cultural Differences - India v. US

Map of Cultural Differences – India v. US (Erin Meyer, HBR)


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