Quick & Dirty of Data Visualization & Typography

Curated by CLAI

DATA VISUALIZATION: (1) Emphasize your main point by bolding. (2) Choose the right chart type. (3) Declutter your charts. (HBR)

dr_HBR_dataviz 5


TYPOGRAPHY: Of eight of the most common typefaces, the most “eco” one turned out to be Garamond – the worst offender was the heavy, bold, suitably named Impact. While these all make for interesting experiments, the reality of font choice isn’t just as simple as ink efficiency. In terms of average day-to-day use, you won’t notice any difference in printing costs by making the switch. Garamond isn’t necessarily more efficient, it just uses smaller letters, which in turn make it much harder to read when used at the same “font size”.


Typography (Wriggles & Robins)

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