Credit Fraud Tips & Mobile Homes

Curated by CLAI

CREDIT FRAUD: Here are steps to fend off credit fraud.

  1. Alerts – Texts, emails
  2. Turn your credit card on and off before and after a purchase (Malauzai Software)
  3. Chip Cards that will transmit a unique code each time you use it in person. Presumably, thieves won’t be able to counterfeit that sort of thing easily, at least for a while.
Mobile Home

Mobile Home at the Holiday Manufactured Home Community (Lars Tunbjork, NYTIMES)

MOBILE HOME: The mobile home as we know it appeared at the start of the automobile era as a pricey, wood-paneled plaything of the very wealthy — a way for them to travel in comfort on long trips before motels lined the roads. The trailer’s transition to housing was helped by World War II, when the federal government purchased tens of thousands of utilitarian trailers as a quick and easy way to house workers near factories producing war-related goods. After the war, small trailer parks popped up on college campuses to accommodate the influx of former soldiers under the G.I. Bill. It wasn’t until the ’50s that the mobile home became a low-cost residence that, despite its name, almost never moved once it was delivered to one of the thousands of trailer parks that were sprouting up around the country.

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