18 West v. East Graphics & 28 Must-Eat Int’l Sandwiches

Curated by CLAI

WEST V. EAST: Germans queue up; Chinese just overcrowd you. German tan is beautiful, Chinese tan not so much.

How to Stand in Line - German v. Chinese

How to Stand in Line – German v. Chinese (Yang Liu)

Noise at a Restaurant

Noise at a Restaurant (Yang Liu)

Animals - Alive or Dead

Animals – Alive or Dead (Yang Liu)


  • Döner Kebab, Turkey
    • What’s in it: As you’ve probably annihilated one of these from a street cart late night, you know that Döner is meat (beef, chicken, lamb, or veal) cooked on a vertical spit, enveloped in a pita hug, and supplemented with onions, pickled cucumber, lettuce, and tomatoes.
    • Fun fact: Döner Kebab (which literally means turning meat) was reportedly invented in Berlin in 1971 by a Turkish immigrant, Mahmut Aygünin (aka. “kebab king”).
  • Vegemite Sandwich, Australia
    • What’s in it: Why is the dude in Men At Work’s “Down Under” smiling when he “gives you a bite of his Vegemite sandwich”? Probably because he’s giving you toast smeared with brown paste made from leftover yeast extract, a by-product of beer-making. Which some Aussies eat with cheese for breakfast. No wonder so many Aussies leave home to travel the world.
    • Fun fact: Vegemite is one of the richest known sources of vitamin B. And, not surprisingly, only one jar is sold internationally for every 30 jars sold in Australia.
  • Katsu-sando, Japan
    • What’s in it: Breaded pork on white bread, Asianified with cabbage. Much like Japanese culture, it convinces with its minimalism.
    • Fun fact: We thought that looked like a schnitzel. Invented in Tokyo in 1899 at a restaurant called Rengatei, the sandwich was originally considered a type of yoshoku — a Western dish with local influences.
Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab (Alex Kehr)

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