Game Over: Flappy Bird and Really Cool Bike Gadgets

Curated by CLAI

ADDICTIVE GAME FAILURE: Difficult games are popular in defiance of any expectation that people have an appetite for easy entertainment, and against the march of the medium’s own history. The popularity of video games is proof that people enjoy having problems. Apparently life isn’t tough enough for those of us who seek amusement in failure’s premiere form of entertainment.

Like many games, dating back to Tetris or Pac-Man, there was no way to win Flappy Bird. Success was measured by delaying failure, in staying alive as long as possible. Flappy Bird was so tough that a standard session would last little longer than a bull ride.

Hovding Airbag for Cyclist

Hovding Airbag for Cyclist (Hovding)

COOL BIKE GADGETS: The most common mistake new cyclists make is not riding predictably. People who are afraid of getting hit from behind by a car will often do things like ride on the sidewalk or ride against traffic, which actually increases the danger that they will get hit by a motorist who doesn’t see them. Fear is a cyclist’s worst enemy.

  • Loud Bicycle sounds like a two-toned car horn and, at 112 decibels, is about as loud.  “It’s embarrassing to get honked at. But it’s more embarrassing to get honked at by a bicycle.”
  • Xfire Bike Lane light is equipped with two high-visibility red lasers that project two three-foot lines onto the road, creating an ad hoc bike lane.
  • Hovding, an inflatable bike helmet, works much like an automobile air bag. The device, worn around the neck like a quite fashionable scarf, detects the impact of a crash and inflates a sort of instant helmet around the cyclist’s head and neck.
  • BikeSpike, affixed to the frame, allows you to track its location on a smartphone, so you can find a stolen bike or just keep track of family and friends on the road

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