Old Wisdom and Teenage Sleep

Curated by CLAI

WISDOM: Wisdom consists of three key components: cognition, reflection and compassion. While younger people were faster in tests of cognitive performance, older people showed “greater sensitivity to fine-grained differences. One must take time to gain insights and perspectives from one’s cognitive knowledge to be wise (the reflective dimension). Then one can use those insights to understand and help others (the compassionate dimension). Wise people are able to accept reality as it is, with equanimity. If things are really bad, it’s good to be wise.

True personal wisdom involves five elements: They are self-insight; the ability to demonstrate personal growth; self-awareness in terms of your historical era and your family history; understanding that priorities and values, including your own, are not absolute; and an awareness of life’s ambiguities.

Old Armenian Women with Gun

A 106-year-old woman sits in front of her home guarding it with a rifle in Armenia. (UN Photo/Armineh Johannes)

TEENAGERS SLEEP IN: A movement to start high schools later has gained momentum, bolstered by a growing body of research on the adolescent body clock. Many schools are pushing to start the first class at 9 AM instead of as early as 7:20 AM.

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