Leftover Women and the Telework Gender Gap

Curated by CLAI

LEFTOVER WOMEN: China show that one in five women aged 25-29 is unmarried. The proportion of unmarried men that age is higher – over a third. However, Chinese men tend to “marry down”, both in terms of age and educational attainment.

“A-quality guys will find B-quality women, B-quality guys will find C-quality women, and C-quality men will find D-quality women. The people left are A-quality women and D-quality men. So if you are a leftover woman, you are A-quality. But it’s the “A-quality” of intelligent and educated women that the government most wants to procreate.”

Leftover Women

Leftover Women (NPR)

TELEWORK GENDER GAP: 3 out of 4 remote workers are men — of all ages – and just as likely to have kids as not. A remote worker is not a woman, is not a parent and is not a Gen-Y millennial.

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