Tip More and Buy Your Research

Curated by CLAI

BIGGER TIPPER: iPad Square customers are presented with suggested tip amounts before they can sign their names. You physically have to hit “no tip” — and feel like a jerk — if you want to be stingy.
The system is smart. If you buy less, it will give you whole dollar tip suggestions. If you buy more, Square suggests percentage tips. Some businesses are making up to 50% more in tips.


Tipping (Dan Bobkoff/NPR)

MECHANICAL TURK: You can buy just about anything on Amazon.com — and now you can buy answers too. College students and professors are doing all sorts of research on an Amazon site called Mechanical Turk. Need 200 smokers for your survey on lung cancer? Have a moral dilemma to pose for your paper on Kierkegaard? Now researchers can log in, offer a few pennies in payment and watch the data roll in.

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