America and Russia, the Beautiful

Curated by CLAI

BEYOND SOCHI: Stunningly beautiful, yet real photographs of Russia by Russians. A boy named Zahar sits on an old car in a village called Rossiyka near Krasnoyarsk.

Boy sits on car in Russia

Boy sits on car in Russia (Alexander Kustov)

AMERICA’S FAVORITE FOREIGN COUNTRIES: Canada, followed by Great Britain, Germany, Japan, France, India, Israel.

  • LEAST FAVORITE: North Korea, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya.
  • TOP ENEMY: China.
America's Favorite Countries List

America’s Favorite Countries 2014 (Gallup)

FLAGS MADE IN USA: American flags purchased by the U.S. military must be completely made in America. As of Friday, 2/22/14. “American flags are something we can all agree on should be made in America. I don’t think it’s right that our military service men and women should be fighting under flags made in foreign countries.”

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