Digital Detox: Divorce Your Smartphone

Curated by CLAI

DIGITAL DETOX: So for one week in January, I unplugged. In other words, I would nonparty like it was 1999. Is this JOMO – joy of missing out?

Digital Detox

Detox – Patrick Leger (NYTIMES)

  • There’s a secondhand-smoke effect from multitasking. If one person at a table opts out of the conversation by looking at their phone, it affects everyone there.
  • Like dieting, people are going to find that daily moderation is going to work better than reverse-bingeing. But that’s not a particularly American method. Americans want solutions
  • Television is still the medium where Americans are most likely to binge. Then why all the uproar over our supposedly out-of-control Internet and phone addictions? People are freaking out because it’s a new problem.

SMARTPHONE RELATIONSHIP: We need to bring our phones back to being an accessory, not a priority. It’s time for me to get a divorce. From my phone. The longer we ignore the issue, the worse personal relationships will be affected. (Bucketlist Publications)

FROZEN DEAD SMARTPHONES: When you reach -10 degrees, some screens start to dim and went immediately to low battery. At -20, several models shut off; at -30, almost all are almost inoperable; at 40 to -55, they were all dead.

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