Career as a Tall Mayor, YouTuber, or Liberal Arts Major?

Curated by CLAI

TALL MAYORS: Shortest mayor is 5’2″ Fiorello La Guardia. Tallest is Bill de Blasio 6’6″. Bloomberg is 5’7″. Mayor Blasio is so tall that city workers had to build an oversize podium for him. His arm span is so wide that aides have trained him to avoid expansive hand gestures, to keep from accidentally smacking people nearby. He also rides in the front with more legroom – and the body guards in the back seat.

Tall and Short Mayors

How mayors across American history measure up by height (NYTIMES)

YOUTUBE CAREER: An emerging group of entertainers who are trying to make a living by producing content for YouTube. But success, let alone stardom and wealth, remain elusive. Only thousands of channels, among the million or so that collect revenue directly through the partners program, earn at least six figures in revenue. Is YouTube is an awesome place to build a brand, but is a horrible place to build a business?

MILLENIAL EMPLOYMENT: Most corporate training today is directed at employees who arrive with technical skills already developed — if not through their college degrees, then though specialized internships. a large swath of young people at a disadvantage. Burdened with tuition debt, many college graduates from low- and middle-income families can’t afford to serve a low-paying or unpaid internship.

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