Starstruck: Celebrities, Olympic Fashion, & Google Travel

Curated by CLAI

US Olympics Fashion 2014

Zach Parise of the U.S. men’s hockey team (Ralph Lauren)

Celebrity Love: For many years, until I figured out the difference between love and fan worship, I was so dazzled by the stardust being sprinkled in my face, I couldn’t see straight. Actors are professional charmers. They also have a vested interest in making journalists like them. And to a young reporter starting out, and even to a seasoned veteran, it can be heady stuff, having a star flirt with you. Sometimes, that thin line can get awfully blurry.

U.S. Olympic Uniforms for Sochi 2014: Ralph Lauren’s uniforms for the United States Olympic team is a sweater that oddly combines hipster styling (that grandfatherly shawl collar), excessive sports graphics and homey patchwork, like what you might see in a traditional crazy quilt, that could almost be read as an abstraction of the American flag.

Google for Travelers: Glass, Voice Search, Now, Auto Awesome, and Gmail Offline

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