OMG, I Am, Like, Unfriending You

Curated by CLAI

OXFORD DICTIONARY: The surprisingly long history of today’s common slang

  • OMG (1917): The first recorded appearance of this breathless acronym for “Oh, my God!” comes, surprisingly, in a letter to Winston Churchill “I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis — O.M.G. (Oh! My God!) — Shower it on the Admiralty!!”
  • LIKE (1778): Plopped into sentences, “like” is a rest stop for the hesitant, and not just tweens. Burney Evelina II: “Father grew quite uneasy, like, for fear of his Lordship’s taking offence.”
  • UNFRIEND (1659): Unfriending began a tad earlier. T. Fuller: “I Hope, Sir, that we are not mutually Un-friended by this Difference which hath happened betwixt us.”

TRUST: Can you really trust yourself more than others? No. Trusting yourself actually does involve two people — it’s just that they’re both you: the present you and the future you. And while present-you may think that you can stick to this new diet, future-you may not feel the same way when the time comes. Future-you, like anyone else, cannot always be trusted.

Holding Hands in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Holding Hands in Wadi Rum, Jordan (Credits: Christine Lai)

MARRIAGE: “He pervades my life, so now it’s hard to see him. Married couples are so intertwined, so interdependent that it’s hard to maintain a sense of wonder and excitement.” – Gretchen Rubin (Happiness at Home)

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