Techie Life Isn’t So Lonely After All: In a Park, on the Subway, or Finding the One (Job)

Curated by CLAI

Happy Snow Day on the East Coast and happy reading!

TECHNOLOGY v. ISOLATION: Rather than isolating people, technology made us more connected. It turns out the wired folk recognized 3x as many of their neighbors when asked. They spoke with neighbors on the phone five times as often and attended more community events. People on the phone were not ignoring lunch partners or interrupting strolls with their lovers; rather, phone use seemed to be a way to pass the time while waiting to meet up with someone, or unwinding during a solo lunch break.
The story of public spaces in the last 30 years has not been aloneness, or digital distraction, but gender equity. Today there are a lot more women in public, proportional to men.

Cellphone Use at the MET

Cellphone Use at the MET (NYTIMES)

SUBWAY MOBILE CALLS: New York City subway hope to expand cellphone reception to all underground trains to help riders during emergencies. But cellphones have been used for years on the city’s elevated lines, where a given car might include a dozen travelers talking by phone in nearly as many languages, unashamed to expose the train to daily tales of professional woe, family squabbling or questionable relationship behavior.

FINDING A JOB v. FINDING THE ONE: Finding The One (or at least The One That’s Good Enough) in both jobs and love is difficult under the best of circumstances, and it’s even harder if you don’t know where or how to start your search. Collegefeed is geared towards college students and graduates looking for internships or their first or second job and to companies, especially smaller ones, that are having trouble finding the right candidates for their entry-level positions.

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