Fame and Intrigue: Sherlock, Michelle Obama, and an Olympic Suit

Curated by CLAI

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

SHERLOCK is a huge hit in Britain — Season 3 drew more viewers there than “Downton Abbey”. Holmes represents logic and the unapologetic triumph of reason over emotion. And especially in this age of ambivalence and subjectivity, a purely cerebral hero is particularly welcome.
Sherlock has such a lasting hold on the public imagination; possibly only Dracula has had as many incarnations. It’s almost impossible to find another interesting crime solver who isn’t driven by childhood wounds or crippling psychological flaws or fixations. People are always trying to humanize Dracula; they too often try to do the same to Sherlock Holmes. (NYTIMES)

FIRST LADY: Michelle Obama is in many ways the embodiment of the contemporary, urban, well-heeled middle-aged American woman. She likes to take “me time,” as she did during an extra vacation week this month without family in Hawaii. She gardens, although unlike the rest of us, she has significant weeding help. (NYTIMES)

Fancy Suit: High tech ski suit for the Olympics by Lockheed Martin + Underarmour (NPR)

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